Quality Workmanship & Service For All Project Types


Whether you are sanding newly laid floorboards, old and weathered floorboards or simply maintaining current floorboards, Abetta Floor Sanding Unley SA can handle your project professionally. Customer service and professional workmanship is our priority and we always ensure that our customers are extremely happy with their floorboard finishes and the entire process of having their floors restored.

Timber Floors are natural, long lasting, and easy to clean and maintain. Timber Floors also eliminate the problem of annoying permanent furniture marks that are associated with carpets. Timber floors eliminate the need for harmful fumigation as they do not suffer from infestation of mites, fleas, ticks, and other pests that often infest carpets. Timber Floors are a more hygienic alternative to carpet and also give an elegant and stylish look to every home.

Abetta Floor Sanding Unley SA specialises in non-toxic finishes that will provide excellent wear and bring out the beauty of your natural timber floor, Kym carries out all work himself with full insurance and competitive pricing so you can be rest assured that your project has his undivided attention.

Abetta Floor Sanding Unley SA have the latest techniques and materials at our disposal, including the latest dustless machines. Kym will answer any questions that you may have regarding your new or existing floor and can provide advice on the best finish for your floor to meet your personal requirements.

When it comes to floor restoration, Abetta Floor Sanding Unley SA provides fast solutions. We can strip away paint and old varnish, sand, and polish your floor to bring out its natural beauty. A polished floor looks great and is low maintenance, making restoring your existing timber flooring a smart choice.


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